There are several textured photomurals which we are offer to our customers. Each texture imitates the accordant surface by a special layer over the backing one. The backing layer can be paper or non-woven. Usually the non-woven photomural is more durable and has less stretching.
The textures are:
  • FROST (on-woven)
  • PLASTER (paper backing)
  • SMOOTH (paper backing)
  • SILK (paper backing)

Photomural upper layer

Mostly photomurals have PVC upper layer that has been created by a spraying method. It protects the photomural from mechanical damages, fading, and wet. SMOOTH is a single texture without PVC that we offer. It has PP upper layer instead.
  • SMOOTH PolyPropylene (PP)

Photomural stripes

When you measure your wall where you plan to arrange your photomural it’s quite spacious. Therefore, your photomural will consist of the several stripes. You will arrange the strips on your wall one by one, edge to edge to achieve the ideal coupling. By this your selected image will be a single whole. We cut your photomural by the stripes for free. The stripe’s width depends from the photomural roll width which can be from 100 to 127 cm. So you can order the stripe’s width of your photomural taking in consideration the roll width. The maximum stripe’s width is the same for FROST, PLASTER and SMOOTH texture and it’s 127 cm. The SILK texture stripe can be maximum 110 cm. The less width depends just from your decision.
Maximum stripe’s width:
  • FROST 127 cm
  • PLASTER 127 cm
  • SMOOTH 127 cm
  • SILK 100 cm

How to choose the right photomural texture?

The FROST texture is the neutral one. We recommend to use FROST texture in case of image liking watercolor drawing, nature. You will get the maximum realness of your image and the colors will be muted. The PLASTER texture gives the additional decorative effect to your image. It’s more suitable if you chose the fresco image. Choose the SMOOTH texture in case of vector image, abstract picture, bright colors and minimalism in plot. It has really no the texture and absolutely smooth. If you would like to have the fabric or marble imitation, blinking photo, bright sun in the picture plot you may use the SILK texture.
  • FROST neutral, nature, watercolor, muted colors
  • PLASTER decorative, fresco
  • SMOOTH bright, vector, abstractions, minimalism
  • SILK fabric, marble, blinking, bright


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