Green LUX brand photomural gluing instruction

Surface preparing

The surface to be glued must be clean, dry, durable, smooth and have a uniform color. Remove old wallpaper, dirt and stains from the wall. If the wall has been painted, all paint must be removed from the wall. If there are cracks and irregularities on the wall, they must be repaired. The surface to be glued must be leveled, putty and treated with an acrylic primer, preferably deep penetration. Disconnect from a power source the sockets and switches on the wall and remove the covers from them. Remove the plinth and other removable items that interfere with gluing. Carry out gluing photomural at room temperature 18-25 ° С and no drafts.


To stick the photomural please prepare: a container for diluting glue, a container for clean water, a roller for applying glue, a narrow brush for applying glue along the contour and in hard-to-reach places, a wallpaper spatula or a wallpaper roller, a roller for rolling joints, a rag, a wallpaper (stationery) knife, a straight metal spatula, plumb line or level, tape measure, pencil, stepladder.

Photomural glue choice

Textured photomurals: use heavy vinyl wallpaper glue.

Checking photomural

Check the appearance of the photomural that you received from Green Lux: lay it on a clean surface according to the image. If the photomural consists of several canvases, join them together and make sure that the pattern is aligned correctly and evenly. Usually, photomural prints with a joint-to-joint pattern. However we can provide you with an overlapped photomural. Check the size of your photomural and the surface to be pasted with the tape measure. Keep sealed rolls indoor at room temperature for at least 2-3 hours before gluing.

Gluing procedure

Please note that no rags should be used when smoothing Textured Photomural. Use only special tool. When gluing do not let the glue get on the surface of the photomural due to the glue leaves stains and their complete removal is not guaranteed. It is recommended to use rags only to remove the glue that has got on the surface of the photomural, while the glue should be immediately removed with a damp rag without pressing hard. Define or draw a line (border) on the wall from which you will begin to glue your photomural. This line, for example, can be the right and left corner of the wall or the border of the ceiling (be sure to check with a level measuring device or plumb line that they are vertical and horizontal). If the photomural is not glued on the entire wall, or you are not sure the selected line is really vertical or horizontal then the line from which you will glue the wallpaper must be drawn with a pencil using a plumb line or level measuring device.

Edge-to-edge gluing

WARNING: apply the glue to a wall and not to your photomural!
1. Choose the stripe to be glued first
2. Apply the glue evenly to the wall using a roller and brush. Apply glue to the wall to the size of the prepared stripe. To prevent excess glue from squeezing out onto the photomural use a brush around the edges and apply a thin layer of glue.
3. Begin gluing. Attach the first stripe to the wall according to the markings and "release" the stock, if any, on the wall, ceiling or floor, respectively. Excess wallpaper (stock) is cut off on the wall after gluing. Use a metal spatula and a knife for that.
4. Smooth the stripe on the wall by a wallpapering trowel or roller from the center to the edges left and right and top and bottom, the so-called "herringbone". Roll the edges of the stripe with a special seam roller.
5. Apply glue to the next wall part
6. Place the second piece of your photomural back to back without overlapping the first stripe and align the pattern. After making sure it matches, flatten the stripe. Brush the edges of the photomural with glue and roll the joint with a special roller or wallpaper spatula if necessary.
7. Do the same with the remaining stripes.

Finalizing photomural gluing

The approximate drying time of the textured photomural is 1-3 days. during drying, Do not allow open the windows and drafts in the room where the photomural was glued upon drying. We not recommend to increase the temperature to accelerate the drying of the glue. High humidity, drafts and high temperatures can cause the blistering. If an air bubble remains on your photomural please remove it by wallpaper glue and a thick needle syringe. Fill the syringe with wallpaper glue, put on a needle, carefully pierce the bubble and squeeze a small amount of glue into the bubble. Smooth out the bubble with a wallpaper spatula, squeezing the excess glue through the hole from the needle.

Storage and maintenance

We roll your photomural, wrap in a stretch film and pack it in a special cardboard tube to surely prevent any damages.
Store the packed photomural in a room protected from weathering in a horizontal state at a distance of at least 1 meter from the heating devices during a day.
The textured photomural is moisture resistant. To obtain it please wipe it without effort with a slightly damp cloth or sponge with the possible addition of neutral detergents if necessary.
It is not allowed to use rough means, rubbing, watering photomural with various liquids, solvents and aggressive detergents.
We guarantee the fading resistance of your photomural up to 3 years from the date of purchasing.
There is no the real difference of gluing between the usual wallpaper and your photomural. Also the tools, equipment and the supplies are the same.


Green LUX as the photomural producer is not responsible for the complete or partial peeling off of your photomural as a result of wrong surface preparation as well as for the damages to the photomural as the result of the wrong installation or storage.
Green LUX will access the claims ONLY in case of you didn’t glue your photomural and didn’t apply the glue on it.
Green LUX accepts the manufacturing defect as the printing defects, a mismatch of the image parts on adjacent stripes of more than 3 mm, a difference in color of individual stripes before they are mounted on the wall, a color mismatch on the photomural with a previously printed color proof. The mismatch of color on the photomural and on the screen of any device is not a marriage.


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