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PHOTOMURAL FrequentlyAskedQuestions

1. How to order photomural?

• Decide on your own or ask our consultants with the main parameters such as: image, size and type of photomurals (textured, paper anti-marker, self-adhesive). • If necessary, we will make a color proof of a small fragment of the photomurals. We can send the photo of the color proof by e-mail. • Send a request to our email address or call us by phone. • After confirming the cost and terms, you can make an advance payment. Custom-made products with an individual image without prepayment will not be launched into a production. • Your order will be ready within three working days. We will arrange delivery of ready-made photomurals right to your door.

2. What is the production time for an order for photomural?

Up to 3 working days from the date of approval of the image for printing..

3. How much does it cost to make photomural?

The price depends on the type of photomural selected and their area. The website contains prices for 1 sqm. By multiplying the price for 1 sqm to the total volume of ​​the photomural, you will receive the order value. The cost of production does not include the image for printing, if it is not yours, and delivery.

4. Where can I get a high-resolution image for printing photomural?

A high-resolution file is needed to get a good print result. We offer: • Choose a high-resolution image in one of the photo banks • Create a good image by yourself, for example, by using a good camera • Create an image "from scratch" in a graphics program yourself or ask our designers

5. Can I use an image from the Internet?

There is an important criterion for the photomural printing. It’is the quality of the image. Usually, such high-resolution images do not exist in the public area. Therefore, you have to buy or create them. The choice is yours. In any case, we are ready to evaluate, in terms of quality for printing, any of your materials. Send the file to our email and inform us the estimated size of your future photomural. If the image size is too much you can send us the link to a cloud.

6. What quality image is needed to print photomural?

It is not easy to give a definite answer, since each project is individual. Our experience shows that in order to obtain a good result, it is necessary to take into account three main factors affecting the print quality of finished photomural: image file size, total size of the photomural and the subject of the image. • the file size must be exactly more than 3 MB, in most cases this figure is 5-10 MB, and sometimes 20-50 MB. Also, the size of the image is expressed as the number of pixels horizontally and vertically, for example: 4500 x2900 px. In this case, it means that the image is 4500 pixels wide and 2900 pixels high. The number of pixels horizontally and vertically can be different for different images. The recommended minimum image size for photomural is at least 3000 pixels on the smaller side. • photomural size: the larger it is, the better the original file should be for printing. For example, to print photomural with a total size of 3.0 x 2.7 m, in most cases, you need to use a file of 5 MB or 3000 pixels or more on the smaller side. • the subject of the picture - background images and pictures with large details are less demanding on the quality of the image file. The smaller and clearly traced objects, the better the source file should be. Of course, there are much more nuances, but the above figures will be correct to obtain a high-quality result in most projects for printing an individual photomural. We recommend that if you have the skills, then open the image file on your computer in any viewer and enlarge it to the required size. In other words, you should see a 1:1 scale piece of the photomural on the display. From the individual details, you can roughly see how the final image will look in terms of resolution. Keep in mind that when the photomural is glued to the wall, the picture is perceived as a whole image, and this usually happens at some distance, so you should not be afraid of a slight blurring of the image. If you still have doubts about the quality of your image, then just send it to us for expert evaluation

7. "Color proof" - what’s this?

Color proof is a fragment of your chosen image, printed on the same material and equipment that you intend to use for ordering. If your image contains critical colors or individual elements for which you want to evaluate the quality, then a color proof will help you figure it out. You can combine several different fragments of the same image in one color proof. We print one color proof for free, usually it’s enough.

8. Can I convert a color image to a B&W one?

Yes you can. Any color image can be converted to both black and white and sepia, i.e. light brown tones.

9. Can I make an antique style image or a fresco?

Yes, you can. Our professional designers take into account your wishes. The cost of the designer's work depends on the amount of work with the original image and is finally determined after receiving all the comments on this issue.

10. Is it possible to choose a shade of color for future photomural?

Yes you can do this remotely by recording the results in a photo. Before printing photomural it’s possible to display a color proof which gives a visual representation of the resulting shades. The original image can be color corrected if necessary.

11. Who will divide the overall image into stripes?

We will do it ourselves for free. If strips of different widths are required then just let us know your wishes according to the division scheme.

12. Are there any special requirements for the installation of our photomural?

No, these requirements are no different from the installation requirements for similar products sold in retail stores.

13. What glue to use for textured, paper or non-woven photomural?

Material manufacturers recommend to use a generally accepted glue for heavy wallpaper in case of textured and paper photomural.

14. How to take care of photomural?

Regardless of the type of wallpaper, you can simply gently wipe them with a slightly damp sponge or rag. This should be done with light movements without using the rough means in no case should you rub.

15. How to properly glue your photomural?

There is no difference between the gluing your photomural and a usual wallpaper. You don't need any specific gadgets, tools or supplies. Make a look for our gluing instruction from Green LUX.

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